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Cities, Climate Change and Collective Responsibility

This project investigates how cities and towns can be morally responsible collective agents in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

In previous philosophical research on climate change and responsibility, the focus has often been either on individuals or states, sometimes on corporations. CCCCR begins from the assumption that cities can be hubs of climate responsibility both in the collective and the individual level.

While theorists of collective responsibility have often focused organized decision making, CCCCR investigates cities as not only organizations but also infrastructured geographical entities, ecosystems, and homes to humans and other creatures. This in turn has implications on how we ought to understand the responsibilities of collectives and their members more generally.

What do we do

The project draws on research on climate ethics, collective responsibility, and philosophy of the city. Methodologically the project combines philosophical conceptual analysis with close co-operation with empirical social research.

The project is funded by the KONE foundation.

Researcher: Lauri Lahikainen