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Co-operative City webinar on February 11th

Encouraging sustainable transformation in cities demands scrutinising citizens’ and communities’ role in influencing their own lives and local surroundings as well as enhancing diverse opportunities for collaboration and participation. Co-operative City -webinar offers intriguing talks and discussion on urban collaboration from the perspectives of gifting and sharing in local initiatives, community-making in diversifying neighborhoods and participatory budgeting as a form of co-creation of cities. All interested are welcome to join!

Join us on 11.2.2022 at 13.15-15.00 online. The event will be held in English.

Register here by 9.2.2022

Co-operative City webinar is organised by Tampere Centre for Societal Sustainability (TaSSu) and STUE – Sustainable Transformation of Urban Environments profiling area and research community, Tampere University.


13.15 Opening words, Pauliina Lehtonen

13.20 Eleanor Jupp, University of Kent: Gifting and sharing in a context of crisis: new infrastructures of solidarity between strangers?

13.45 Eeva Puumala, Tampere University: Multivocal practices of community-making in diverse neighbourhoods

14.10 Pauliina Lehtonen, Tampere University: Participatory budgeting as co-creation of cities

14.35 Open discussion

14.45 Closing words, prof. Liisa Häikiö, Tampere University

Abstracts to talks

Eleanor Jupp (Senior lecturer in social policy): Gifting and sharing in a context of crisis: new infrastructures of solidarity between strangers?

This talk will present early findings from a project focusing on local initiatives around gifting and sharing, both online and face-to-face, including food, clothes, hygiene products and other everyday objects. These small-scale expressions of care, welfare and solidarity between strangers seem to be proliferating in the context of failures in political, economic and environmental structures in society, especially the Covid-19 pandemic and the losses of welfare services linked to austerity.  In her talk, Eleanor Jupp will consider some of the potentials and problems with these initiatives and what they can teach us about care, provisioning and solidarity.

Eeva Puumala (Senior research fellow in peace and conflict research): Multivocal practices of community-making in diverse neighbourhoods

Increasing diversification of various aspects of urban life has made the question how we live together a prominent topic in many societies. In this presentation, Eeva Puumala will discuss everyday forms of coexistence and conflict to shed light on how community-making in practice takes place in the context of increasing socio-economic, cultural, linguistic and religious diversity in urban neighbourhoods. The talk explores the connection between the city and practices of community-making by analysing what kind of practices of coexistence and conflict exist in diverse urban neighbourhoods, and what different people actually perceive as mundane in the first place.

Pauliina Lehtonen (Senior research fellow in social policy): Participatory budgeting as co-creation of cities

This talk will discuss participatory budgeting, a democratic innovation, from the view of co-creation. Recently, co-creation has become a fashionable concept in renewing the practices of governance. Co-creation refers to transformation of top-down processes to involve multi-actor co-operation, emphasising citizens’ role and responsibility in developing public services. In her talk, Lehtonen will discuss participatory budgeting as a process of co-creation in urban development by analysing the practices of local participatory budgeting initiatives.

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