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Establishing a Community on Empowering, Inclusive, and Equitable Citizen Science (ECIE)

The ECIE pilot “Establishing a Community on Empowering, Inclusive, and Equitable Citizen Science within ECIU” aims to advance the development of citizen science (CS) initiatives in and among ECIU universities by focusing on the empowerment, inclusion, and quality of citizens’ contributions to science.

This research, funded under ECIU SMART-ER, is being conducted at six institutions that are members of the ECIU consortium: University of Twente, University of Aveiro, Dublin City University, Kaunas University of Technology, Linköping University, and Tampere University.

What we do?

We want to promote the empowerment and inclusion of citizens, especially those from minority groups (e.g., migrants, elderly), so that they can have equitable participation in CS initiatives. To do this, we aim to establish a Community of Practice on citizen social science within the ECIU network to encourage universities to work with other community stakeholders to develop methods and strategies that help citizen science projects include a broader range of community residents.

ECIE works closely with RESILIENT project (Research nEtwork on reSILIEnt commuNiTies) that aims at building a Research Network on Resilient Communities through knowledge exchange and capacity building among network partners, as well as the design of new research and training proposals related to resilient communities.


Pauliina Lehtonen (PI), Patricia Donahue

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