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Rehabilitation allowance enabling agency (2023-2024)

Rehabilitation allowance is an income transfer paid for the duration of vocational rehabilitation by Kela (The Social Insurance Institution). Its purpose is to guarantee the income of those participating in rehabilitation and to support them in working life instead of a disability pension. The research produces information about the perceived importance of rehabilitation allowance, especially for the agency of people participating in rehabilitation.

What we do?

Using qualitative life course interviews, we study the rehabilitation paths of those who have received rehabilitation allowance. For this purpose, we have interviewed people receiving rehabilitation allowance during various forms of vocational rehabilitation. Participants have received Kiila rehabilitation, NUOTTI coaching or participated in vocational rehabilitation supporting the integration into work (TEAK) or education and training.

We study how vocational rehabilitation and rehabilitation allowance support people’s agency. We understand agency broadly. It can mean the ability to have an influence and make choices related to one’s life, but also the ability to act against expectations or persevere despite difficulties.

The study’s results offer ways to develop rehabilitation allowance and services. They can enable supporting employment or, more generally, the agency of people with health problems in the future.

Project’s outputs and events:

26/09/2023 Presentation on Kela’s KuntoutusNyt forum under the title Findings from research: Rehabilitation money and the importance of the financial situation for rehabilitation

26.- 27.10.2023 Social policy days working group Rehabilitation, health and employment and presentation Persistence, resistance and influence – the many forms of agency of those who received rehabilitation money

Researchers: Liisa Häikiö (PI), Sanna Rikala, Jarkko Salminen, Kaisa Hynynen