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Call for papers: Special issue “Towards Sustainable Governance with Participatory Budgeting – Comparative Approaches and Lessons Learned”

Towards Sustainable Governance with Participatory Budgeting – Comparative Approaches and Lessons Learned

Call for papers for: Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management

Guest Editors

Lotta-Maria Sinervo (Tampere University, Finland) –
Pauliina Lehtonen (Tampere University, Finland) –
Carol Ebdon (University of Nebraska Omaha, United States) –
Luca Bartocci (University of Perugia, Italy) –


Providing sustainable welfare both ecologically, socially and financially, is one of the pressing challenges of governance and public financial management (e.g. Steccolini, 2019). The concept of sustainable governance was initially developed in the field of natural sciences, but it has recently drawn attention in disciplines and organizations which focus on public policy and administration (Fiorino 2010). As one element of sustainable governance, we consider the influence of citizens in decision-making with diverse participatory tools, such as participatory budgeting (PB). This idea of PB as a democratic process which gives people real power over real money is crossing continents with various experiments and experiences from different parts of the world (Sintomer et al. 2008; 2012; Pinnington et al. 2009). Simultaneously with the practical interest, academia has also become interested in studying PB from different perspectives with various methods and settings (e.g. Ebdon 2002; Ebdon & Franklin 2006; Aleksandrov et al. 2018; Jayasinghe 2020).

This special issue approaches PB as a form of sustainable governance dealing with focal issues of citizenship participation in decision-making but also the demands that PB puts on public organizations, public administration, and public financial management practices (i.e., Lehtonen 2018; Irvin & Stansbury 2004; Bartocci et al. 2019; Holdo 2016).

Topics for Submission

The goals of this special issue are to collaborate in the analysis of how participatory budgeting is implicated in the public management of complex social, economic and environmental issues. The research may be contemporary, historical or comparative, adopting qualitative and/or quantitative methodological approaches. Some indicative topics to be covered in the special issue are the following:

  • Social sustainability viewpoint on PB
  • Environmental sustainability viewpoint on PB
  • Financial sustainability viewpoint on PB
  • Organizational viewpoint on PB
  • Methodological reflections on the methods and analytical tools used in PB studies
  • Influence of COVID-19 on PB processes for sustainable governance (practical challenges, issues for research)


See the full call for papers:

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